Open Data Day in Saskatchewan

Starting off the Open Data Saskatchewan blog I’d like to throw an idea out there to hold an introductory open data event in Regina, SK on international open data day, which is December 3, 2011. I’ve added Regina to the list of cities hosting a ‘hackathon’ meeting on that day, however, anyone in Saskatchewan interested in open data should consider attending if they can. I’d like to work with some others interested in attending to see what type of events we can do on this day. Options might include:

  • Discussion about what open data is and what it means for Saskatchewan
  • Show and tell: how open data is being used in Canada and beyond
  • Data hacking with Saskatchewan related data from

Get in touch using the details on the contact page for more information or add your name to the list.

Andrew Dyck

Andrew loves data. When he's not moving bytes around for analysis or visualization, he's writing about open data.